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Pregnant during the COVID-19-Dr Farag answers your questions

Congratulations on having a baby on the way!

This is the most exciting time for you but unfortunately with the situation right now you are probably feeling very anxious and concerned.

Having a baby is stressful enough without a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and all the associated misinformation. This is why Dr Farag, local leading obstetrician, gynaecologist and IVF specialist on the Central Coast has compiled a list of handy common questions and responses to help ease your mind and keep you informed.


Common questions answered for pregnant mums around COVID-19:

What is coronavirus (COVID-19) and what are the symptoms?

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. It was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan City in China. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath. The virus can spread from person to person, but good hygiene can prevent infection.


Can I still go for my routine antenatal check-ups and tests, and receive antenatal vaccinations if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 infection?

Routine antenatal investigations, ultrasounds, maternal and fetal assessments should continue throughout the entire pregnancy.


Is it safe to still travel and go outdoors?

Pregnant women are advised to avoid all non-essential travel. Generally speaking, it is safest to stay at home and to avoid public spaces. Reduce your use of public transport and work from home where possible.


How can I prevent getting COVID-19 infection?

Unfortunately, no vaccination is currently available for COVID-19. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) advises the following preventative measures:  

  • Hand washing regularly and frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water 
  • Avoidance of anyone who is coughing and sneezing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Social-distancing and reducing general community exposure
  • Early reporting and investigation of symptoms
  • Prompt access to appropriate treatment and supportive measures if infection is significant
  • Limit support person to one
  • If your partner has COVID-19, or is symptomatic, they should not accompany you to the hospital


Are pregnant women at increased risk of developing severe disease/complications from COVID-19?

At this time, pregnant women do not appear to be more severely unwell if they develop COVID-19 infection than the general population. It is expected that the majority of pregnant women will experience only mild or moderate cold/flu like symptoms.


Can I transmit the virus to my baby while I am pregnant?

Pregnant women should remain reassured, given our extensive knowledge of the impact of the effect of other respiratory viruses, that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 will harm your baby or cause abnormalities.


Is there an increased risk of miscarriage with COVID-19?

There is no evidence at this stage to suggest an increased risk of miscarriage with COVID-19.


Can I still give birth in a hospital if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 infection?

Probably the safest place to be at the moment is at a hospital.

It is safe to birth your baby in a hospital. Here you have access to highly trained staff and emergency facilities and equipment all in a highly sterile environment where infection control is paramount.


What are the risks to my baby if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 infection?

Some babies born to women with symptoms of COVID-19 in China have been born prematurely. It is unclear whether coronavirus was the causing factor, or the doctors made the decision for the baby to be born early because the woman was unwell. Newborn babies and infants do not appear to be at increased risk of complications from the infection.


Can I still breastfeed during this time?

Women who wish to breastfeed their babies should be encouraged and supported to do so.


Dr Farag and his team are here to help

We care about you and your baby. As the longest established obstetrician on the Central Coast, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you and your baby are and remain safe and well.

Look after yourself, rest, eat well and maintain your interests and hobbies, where possible. Keep positive, your baby has the best protection it will ever have while it is safe within you, so caring for yourself, your emotional and physical health, is what is most important right now.

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