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drfarag babyFertility & Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic Ph: 4324 1992

• Early pregnancy ultrasound scan including dating, viability and location to exclude ectopic pregnancy.
• Follow up of serial B-hCG & serum progesterone …… in conjunction with referring doctor.
• Anti-D as indicated for Rh-negative women.
• Counseling and support for women with miscarriage.
• Urgent appointments are available for management of women with miscarriages or ectopic pregnancy and immediate arrangement of surgical treatment (D&C/ Laparoscopy) as indicated.

USS Assessment of Early Pregnancy

Our routine practice, when there is a suspicious of a non-viable pregnancy; we rely on the measurements of CRL and gestational sac to make the diagnosis. The current gridlines state that:
a) If the crown rump length (CRL) is > 7mm and there is no embryonic cardiac activity, this is defined as a missed fetal demise.
b) If the mean gestational sac diameter is > 25 mm and there is no yolk sac or embryonic pole, this is defined as an anembryonic pregnancy (blighted ovum)
c) If at the follow up scan after at least one week , there is still no embryonic cardiac activity or gestational sac remains empty, then diagnosis of non-viability can be made