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1) When do I need to book in with my Obstetrician?We usually see you for your first antenatal visit between 6-10 weeks of the pregnancy, but in some circumstances you may need to come in earlier. If you are experiencing severe early pregnancy symptoms, have bleeding or pain, or are uncertain of how far through the pregnancy you are we can see you as early as required. Alternatively, if you find out that you are unexpectedly further along in a pregnancy you can book in as soon as possible.

2) Do I need to have an ultrasound before I attend the clinic?
No, an ultrasound will be performed at your first visit to confirm the dates while you are seeing Dr Farag. If there are any concerns, he may refer you for a formal ultrasound on site.

3) Which hospitals do you deliver from?
Gosford Private Hospital and Gosford Public Hospital.